2014 began with my wife and I arriving in Colorado Springs, looking for a new home in a new state. I was drawing the comics on my lightbox in our hotel room, and the first comic of 2014 saw Rob and Kate still awkwardly platonic.


PikeShortly after we found a rental and got settled after doing some celebratory skiing. In the following months we would move into a rental I would get qualified in a new job as an instructor pilot, go to a few conventions, spend two months in Alabama for work, and get a puppy. His name is Pike. But most importantly, Abbey took no fewer than 7 pregnancy tests to confirm that she had in fact been impregnanted.

As for the comic, In January of 2014 Carbon Dating received 40k page views. Now, a year later we’ve grown to 200,000 page views per month (with a peak of 450k during an advertising push in November). To date, we have logged 1.875 MILLION page views! We’ve been hanging out in the top 100 on TopWebComics.com.  MidwiferyI continued illustrating full pages for Skeptic Magazine, tackling midwifery, GMOs, Chemtrails, and my comic comparing  Alternative Medicine to Alternative Aviation was used to defeat a naturopathy bill in the Colorado legislature (article “Draw Them A Picture” in Skeptic Magazine issue 19.3). The cartoon about midwifery is my favorite, and went viral with 85k facebook interactions in just a few days. And in July launched a successful Kickstarter.

This Kickstarter allowed me to bring in artistic backup, and I met Elisa Wikey at the Denver Comic Con. Then she moved to Texas, Abbey and I bought a house and moved again, and our daughter decided to be born a few weeks early. Despite all of these exciting and consuming life changes, we finally realized the goal of daily, full color comic strips beginning in the new year.

I had planned for Rob and Kate to get knocked up quickly in the story because that’s how life works. Real relationships are complicated, and unexpected, and so much can happen in a year. My wife and I now live in the mountains with our three month old daughter who had a hearty laugh for the first time today.


The support that the comic has received has been tremendous, and with any luck the new Patreon campaign will get Carbon Dating to the break-even point before the Kickstarter fund runs out. Stay skeptical, ask for evidence and thank you for being part of such a big year!

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