1. Vote on TopWebComics

 Last month you helped launch Carbon Dating into the Top 100 on TopWebComics, which brought a big boost to traffic. Votes reset at the beginning of each month, and you can vote once each day!

2. Facebook is sneaky!

Did you know that they just automatically unsubscribed you from updates of pages you like? Yep, rumor is they dialed down the reach of pages to incentivize paid content. You can fix this by going to the Carbon Dating Facebook page and clicking on “Liked” and reselecting  “Get Notifications”. Then you’ll get our updates, and your shares really help!


3. Favorite us on Readers

chameleon_logoThere is a pretty sweet new mobile webcomic reader out there called Comic Chameleon and they are only accepting one new comic per week- UPDATE: We’ve been added! Download the app and go take a look!

If you read primarily on a browser you can keep track of all your favorite comics on Comic Rocket!

4. Check out the new store

There isn’t a whole lot in the Carbon Dating Store yet, but we do have limited edition An Honest Liar posters and card decks, Placebo Band bracelets, and “Homeopathy is a Gateway Placebo” decals and magnets!

19x24-small-600x600 amazingdeck-600x630 Placebo 1.75x2.75_INCH_RECTANGLE

5. Pledge on Patreon

Patreon is a fantastic website that allows you to support independent artists with automated donations. We have a goal of $800 per month for our artist to keep up with daily, color comics. Right now we are 1/16th of the way towards that goal and every dollar counts. Backers get to see a private Patreon feed, and join in on exclusive Google Hangouts like the one we’re having today at 3PM ET!

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