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A digital Press Kit can be downloaded here (Jan ’15): PDF

As of February 2015, we’ve had 2 MILLION pageviews, and our fantastic readership keeps growing. Carbon Dating strips have been published unaltered in the Skeptical Inquirer and translated for the German Skeptic Magazine! Full-page illustrations under the name Carbon Comics are featured regularly in the American Skeptic Magazine, and also now online at Skeptic.com. It has also been featured on The Token Skeptic, Skeptic InkThe Skeptic Zone,  Emily Has Books, and Skeptically Yours and can be followed at Just The First Frame and Comic Rocket.

Synopsis: Rob, a fledgling science journalist, is attempting to navigate the awkward demands of geek courtship and the pseudoscience claims of his closest friends.

If that sounds too nonspecific, mix XKCD with How I Met Your Mother and you have Carbon Dating.

Science: Comics are fast becoming a powerful medium for science communication.  The obvious sites that have been successful in this niche are XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Sci-ence, and Ape, Not Monkey but I think there’s still room for one with a character-driven narrative. Put simply: science is my passion and I’m kind of a geek. I happen to find my comic both hilarious and educational.

Schedule:  The comic strip will be posted free online, every weekday, until we run out of money! You can help by supporting us on Patreon.

Conventions: Planned 2015 appearances include Denver Comic Con, Pheonix Comic Con, and The Amazing Meeting. Past convention presentations include The Amazing Meeting (2014),  Logicon (2014), Reason In The Rock (2013).