For new readers, I highly recommend beginning your reading with Chapter 2 (Mar 27, 2014) “Geeks in Love”!


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Dec 30062 Wine Geek
Dec 26061 Wine Tasting
Dec 23060 Risk (part II)
Dec 19059 Risk (part 1)
Dec 16058 Cat Trees
Dec 12057 Aspartame
Dec 10056 Cats
Dec 5055 Moving In
Dec 3054 Extended Stay
Nov 29053 Job Interview
Nov 25052 Self Reference
Nov 21051 GMO Park
Nov 18050 Rocket Scientists
Nov 15049 Diet Dust
Nov 11048 Parental Encouragement
Nov 7047 Love Quiz
Nov 4046 Objectivity
Oct 31045 Parameters
Oct 28044 Algorithm
Oct 24043 Friendly Morning Coffee
Oct 21042 Memory Charms
Oct 17041 Spooning
Oct 14040 Audible
Oct 10039 Drinking Strategy
Oct 7038 Tecmo Bowl
Oct 3037 Geeking Out
Sep 30036 Retrocade
Sep 26035 SpaceCamp
Sep 24034 Just Like College
Sep 19033 Totally Platonic
Sep 16Getting Awkward
Sep 12No, Mother.
Sep 9Placebo Prophylactic
Sep 5Homeopathy
Sep 2Status Change
Aug 30Pickup Lines
Aug 20Food Phobias
Aug 17Happy Chemtrails
Aug 15Irrational Proteins
Aug 13Artificial Food Coloring
Aug 8For Science!
Aug 7Sunburn Remedy
Aug 7Weekend Rent
Aug 6Freelance Editor
Aug 6Dawn of the Hangover
Aug 2Zombie Defense
Jul 30Zombie Walk
Jul 26Exes
Jul 22Bad Dates
Jul 19The Dinosaur Test
Jul 18Girlfriend Algorithm
Jul 16The Art of Writing
Jul 12Search Filters
Jul 9Balance Bracelets
Jul 5Online Dating
Jul 2Intromittent Morphology
Jun 28Magnetic Kids
Jun 25Science Section
Jun 21Freelance Science
Jun 18Enter The Editor
Jun 17Science Blogger
Apr 4Confirmation Bias
Apr 4Scientist on the Prowl