The story so far:

Rob is a fledgling science journalist trying to make his way in freelance. His roommate, Craig, makes an online dating profile out of desperation. Mitch, hockey coach and overall blockhead, isn’t much help in the get-Rob-a-date department. Wylona, the barista from the coffee shop around the corner, is no help either with her slew of self-help experiments.

After a few bad dates Rob gets a call from long-time friend Kate, who needs a place to stay for a job interview. Craig uses his dating site algorithm to show that Rob and Kate are perfectly compatible, and Rob begins summoning the courage to ask her out.

Kate gets the job as a rocket scientist, and the guys let her move in until she finds a better apartment. After a trip to the┬áMagic Hot Springs and some accidental nudity, Rob and Kate finally hit it off. A few weeks later Kate find out she’s pregnant!