I recently followed a few anti-science twitter accounts for inspiration and a better understanding of their claims. Then I saw this:


I engaged them in conversation as a pilot, and their sciencey arguments were limited to:

  1. “Why do these trails expand and linger in the sky. Surely they should dissipate if condensation” 
  2. “How come some days, some planes leave trails whilst others don’t. Plus stop/start trails”
  3. “Thank you for explaining CONtrails to me. Now I want to know what that other nasty stuff is.”
  4. How do you explain aluminum in blue whales then?

Chemtrailers seems to make a distinction between contrails that dissipate, and contrails that stick around. They fail to realize that a contrail is only an aircraft-induced cloud. How clouds behave depends on the dynamics of temperature, humidity, and density at high altitudes. (Weather at altitude has very little correlation to surface conditions).

This video is all the debunking required, it really is that simple.

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