This is just the beginning of Wylona’s pseudoscience leanings. Now, before you go assuming that her character is a strawwoman, I assure you she is not.

Wylona is someone I knew who was looking for help with her love live, weight, and employment in all the wrong places. She subscribed to The Secret, failed to lose weight with Sensa Dust, had a regular psychic, based decisions on her horoscope, and saw a witch doctor. That witch doctor┬áhad sold her love potions, one of which was a “Chupa Rosa” (dead hummingbird) she wore between her breasts on a string. Another love potion (sugar water) was supposed to be applied to her vagina before sex to make the man fall in love with her. Not only is this a scam, but “have sex and he will fall in love with you” is THE WORST ADVICE.

Oh, she also had an actual crystal memory charm.

I would also like to mention that as I’m posting this I’m also tuned in to the Skeptically Yours live show on ustream. These guys are hilarious.


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