Looks like my thesis on the aspartame controversy was timely, as the European Food Safety Authority (the euro-FDA) just confirmed, again, that aspartame is completely safe in a massive risk assessment. They do this every few years.

However, bad ideas are persistent, and pop-culture will cycle through them every few years with a new scare campaign and corresponding fad diet. MSG, then aspartame, then gluten, then a dozen others, EACH ONE IS THE WORST EVER! They’re not only hyperbolic, they’ve been debunked thoroughly. Every time.

Good news? I found my new favorite scare tactic:


 The Peanut-Butter, Jelly, & Death Sandwich.

↓ Transcript
You call this coverage of a diet soda scandal? You avoided the entire aspartame controversy. Where are the dubious illnesses and suffering consufers that call all the science into question?
It's all there!

After drinking nine sodas per day for nine years, one woman developed an eye twitch? That's it?
The exact word they used was 'poison'.

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