Well the house still doesn’t have internet, so we’re at the neighborhood brewery for a pint and their wifi. I am loving this town already.

If you’re in Colorado this Saturday, you can catch my presentation at the Fort Collin’s Skepticamp. I’ll be presenting a “Pilot’s Guide to Extreme Skepticism”.

-Wait. Hold on.

Seriously, guys. This just happened. I ran into Rob and Craig live. I couldn’t stop staring and my wife had to take a picture, turns out they read webcomics and are big Penn & Teller fans.


↓ Transcript
Mitch, we need your help. Rob and Kate are 100% compatible on the algorithm but-

Love is not a science, it is a bold art of seduction.

Don't you mean a 'subtle art?'
Not if you're doing it right.

Maybe you could write down some instructions?
There is no word for sexy in nerdspeak.

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