We are moved in, and after five consecutive days of building cheap swedish-designed furniture, I now have an office!

The mattress is still on the bedroom floor though, I didn’t have strength left to put the bed together. But I’m glad to be able to work on comics again.

Watching “Now You See Me” at the moment, and I think Morgan Freeman performs well as an insidious James Randi. However, the movie was a big poke at skeptics in the end.


Magic is real, guys.

Why is that the push of EVERY MOVIE? It drives me crazy.

↓ Transcript
What's going on with Kate, did you make a move yet?

Well, I did a few pushups yesterday.

Geez, create an intimate moment already.
Well, we do share a bed.

You wear a onesie and keep a chastity pillow between you.
It's my heatshield.

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