Things are very exciting in the space industry right now, and I’m looking forward to Kate getting her career (at a fictional space company) established in the comic. Lots of geeky relationship plot twists to hit first, the next few weeks will be exciting.

For those of you not familiar, NASA has a long track record of blocking reusable launch vehicle projects that could rival it’s not-so-cost-effective shuttle program. I graduated with a degree in Space Systems Engineering, and after reading Lost In Space, Realizing Tomorrow, and Riding Rockets I can’t help but resent the NASA bureaucracy for smothering so many commercial space ventures. That said, the value of NASA is much greater than the sum of it’s discoveries, it also drives entire industries and even our culture as Americans (more Neil, at his best explaining why this is so) The problem is cost effectiveness. If SpaceX can create spacecraft to do what the shuttle could not (lower cost through reusability), it would change everything.

I am a big fan of SpaceX, and yesterday they just successfully delivered their Dragon capsule to the International Space Station. But perhaps even more significant, they then attempted to land their rocket booster stage on the ocean as a test much like this:

Seeing a company truly innovate is inspiring. I for one am rooting for SpaceX.

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