Okay, he settled for just the one puppy.

So while I’m off at a professional course for two months, Abbey met me in Atlanta for a weekend and we stayed at the Marriott Marquis. Seeing the place without throngs of costumed DragonCon attendees was eerily haunting.

Things are coming together for my big convention this year, The Amazing Meeting, which just announced that Bill Nye will be a keynote speaker this year!

If you are planning on going to TAM, or want to support it, please consider giving to the Rising Star Grant. It pays admission for young, motivated individuals who are working their way up in the skeptics movement. I am supporting the grant program with merch donations for rewards this year because last year I was a recipient and it made TAM and the launch of Carbon Dating possible.

↓ Transcript
See, a puppy in my profile picture shows that I'm trustworthy.
-Or an emotional terrorist!

But look at how cute
he is!

Boom goes the dynamite.

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