The books for TAM are off to the printer, I’ve used Ka-Blam for years and never had a problem. I only wish they still had a hardback option!

While putting the book together, I received this awesome comic from Ethan Kocak, artist behind Tetrapod Zoology Comics and Black Mud Puppy. We’ve formed a plucky band of geeky webcomic artists on twitter, and I’ve enjoyed the unexpected camaraderie there. You can support his Patreon as well, if you enjoy comics about Aztec Gods trapped in the bodies of Salamanders who fight crime.

Lastly, if you want to attend The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas and are a youngish person involved in the skeptic movement, NOW IS THE LAST CHANCE to apply for the Rising Star Grant. Guess who’s helping to pick the winners? This guy. Put how awesome my comic is in the application and double your chances.

I have my checkride in the morning, and if all goes well I’ll be a qualified instructor pilot by the afternoon. Had to focus on studying, but I’ll draw something special for your guys tomorrow.

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