I just received the print editions of CARBON DATING VOL. ! “Experiments In Cohabitation” on my doorstep, and THEY LOOK GREAT. They come wrapped in packing plastic and are now stacked on my coffee table like bricks of cocaine.

Only two days until The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas! My bags are packed, and I’m frantically double checking all the swag. After three years developing Carbon Dating and building to this moment, it’s both thrilling and intimidating to be on the cusp of pursuing this dream professionally.

I’m very excited to have found an artist I feel like I have a real chemistry with, Elisa Wikey, and this Thursday I’ll launch this Kickstarter to see if we can make it all possible. That is, assuming I can get all these bricks of comedy though security without incident. Please check back in and help us get the word out!

↓ Transcript
The storm is coming, we should get off the field.
Playoffs are next week, we need to practice!

Did you just see that lightning?
I can feel the static electricity building!

-If anyone gets struck we will win the championship while wearing a memorial jersey in their honor!

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