We thought we were Harry Potter experts, that is, until we got shwacked at the Geeks Who Drink‘s “The Drinky Cauldron” trivia. Those questions were HARD.

Our team name: Snitches Before Witches.

Best team name: Snapes On A Plane.

By the way guys, we are THIS CLOSE to having every comic in beautiful and professional full color. Please share our Kickstarter link if you haven’t already!

Lastly, this if for my sister. We would have won if she had been there.

↓ Transcript
With Kate's pregnancy rage, this could get interesting.
At a harry potter trivia night?

One second she's normal, then her eyes go black like a shark's.
Let's do this!

I am about to go mountain troll on those Hufflepuff motherfuckers!

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