Logic and facts alone don’t often carry the day. As advocates of scientific skepticism, we have to win the emotional arguments in addition to the intellectual ones, and avoid emotional pitfalls. There are no rhetorical referees out there, and some people will use every manipulative method available except rational arguments to win the argument.

We have to understand this if we want to be successful. Nobody is entirely rational. In drawing these comics I’ve come across plenty of my own pet pseudosciences; aloewitch hazel, and wine tasting to name a few. It’s human nature to hold onto sacred cows, even for skeptics. It’s uncomfortable to find out we were wrong.

It should be no surprise that sexual and gender equality are very hot issues for our demographic. These topics are often deeply personal and can become toxically polarizing among pridefully intellectual circles. Using the explosive topic of sexual allegations as an example, Carol Tavris demonstrates how taking preliminary positions on controversial issues causes divisiveness in spite of evidence.

“It is people with high self esteem who have the most difficulty reducing dissonance when they are wrong.” In other words, experts and skeptics fall more deeply into the trap of confirmation bias.

Please note, today’s punchline would work just as well the other way around if Kate was delivering the line. Perhaps she could have borrowed Guardians of the Galaxy’s line of “pelvic sorcery”. Although I sincerely doubt that Rob has pelvic expertise of any kind. However, after playing Cards Against Humanity with a table of 20 skeptics – I am sure that all of you can handle a little boob joke.



↓ Transcript
I can't win! I tried to sway her with logical proof about how my idea made the most sense.

But all of my facts were completely trumped by her emotional appeal!

That she has boobs?
They were very convincing.

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