Some geeks just don’t get it.

Speaking of geeks, my much needed GEEK WEEK starts tomorrow! I’m taking a week off work, which gives my nine straight days of drawing madness. If I can draw 2-3 comics per day, I can get through almost the entire Kickstarter personalized rewards.

I had a great time Wednesday night on Google+ Hangouts with my new Brain Trust of Kickstarter backers, and I will probably be on a few times this week while I’m drawing. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll make the invites public. Hope to see some of you there!

↓ Transcript
Why are you so concerned?
I haven't heard back from this girl yet, and it's been a week!

Maybe she's was just in a terrible accident, with my message waiting in her inbox.

We're 85% compatible! What else does she need?

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