New Age protesters are hilarious and sad to me because they are extremely passionate, but often take a stance that counters their own core beliefs.

Protestors against vaccinations hold up signs about “Big Pharma” – not realizing that the medical drug industry is a fraction of the size of “Big Placebo” companies that make vitamins and supplements.

Protestors against GMOs cite their concern for the environment, health, and impact on third world countries – not realizing that GMOs reduce soil depletion and hazardous runoff from tilling, cut down on herbicide use, and can prevent hundreds of thousands in third-world countries from contracting diseases by adding simple vitamins to crops.

Global warming conspiracists rail against “Big Government” and their paid-for scientists while siding with paid-for lobbyists and scientists of the oil industry.

I understand your passion but apply your arguments to both sides, then see which one comes out in agreement with your own principles.

↓ Transcript
Is his sign missing a comma, I'm confused.

Confused about what?
It's 100 degrees today, and it might be the hottest year on record!

Yeah, but today is ten degrees cooler than yesterday. Checkmate, smartypants.

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