Bags are packed, car is loaded. I’m posting this before Abbey and I are off to the hospital to have a baby!

Luckily the baby didn’t come during our first Super Science Mashup which had a great turnout. It was a great first event to work out some details in preparation for the big one next month during the Colorado Springs Science Festival on Oct 16th. Although I just checked it and it looks like the Ustream hiccuped halfway through. No worries, we’ll repost the entire edited video soon.

Elisa and I are happy to be at this point with the comic. We’ve each moved and resettled, and put a lot of time in figuring out how to add some color to Carbon Dating. We’re happy with the result, and will continue to polish it! The baby coming early definitely threw a lot of pressure on Elisa, so please leave her a warm welcome in the comments!

↓ Transcript
I'm not ready to meet them!
They're just my parents, don't make it weird.

Hello darling, you're glowing! I'm so happy to be a grandmother. And this must be the lothario.

Hi, I'm the one who impregnated your daughter.

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