Sometimes, science journalists get a little too excited to throw up a headline like “A GLASS A DAY KEEPS CANCER AWAY!”

The only problem is that they didn’t look too closely at the actual study. The Atlantic has a great article on the most recent round of reporters umping the gun. A single study of 36 women drinking wine for one month does not constitute a cancer cure. With a sample size that small, its very easy to find results that appear statistically significant – which is why you should always check for a large sample size.
Beware of these kinds of headlines that claim breakthroughs, especially when it comes to neuroscience:

↓ Transcript
Mom, that's your third glass.
What? It's good for me, doctor prescribed.

Dr. Oz doesn't count.
That's right, resveratrol stops cancer.
That's only true in super high doses. Do you know how much wine that would take?
Let's find out.

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