Okay, this is the last one poking fun at naturopathy. This one is an excellent example of the placebo effect. Lots of alternative supporters will argue that the placebo effect is real, and therefore alternative medicine is legitimate. If you give the Boo-Boo Fairy to a child, they’ll stop crying. That doesn’t make it medicine.

I also had a twitter exchange regarding how difficult the naturopathic academic courses are. Let’s ignore that the curriculum includes three courses of homeopathy, botanical medicine, and has a dual-degree option with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This still does not equate to a pre-med bachelors degree, four years of medical school, a year of internship, and then a two-year residency. I find it laughable to compare the two.

↓ Transcript
Why didn't you tell me that your dad is a naturopath?
I never knew.

Here comes the Boo-Boo Fairy!

Okay, maybe I should have known.

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