This one goes out to my cohost Tristan who delivered the punchline on a Facebook thread about the last comic. I can never tell which comics are going to get a lot of shares, and that last on definitely did – going out to 2500 people in a few days thanks to you guys.

Also, for those of you who joined the ‘Brain Trust’ through the Kickstarter, or by making a donation to the site that says “let me in the Brain Trust!” – we will be having some exclusive google hangouts starting tomorrow. I’ll send out a link to the secret schedule, but be on the lookout for invites.

↓ Transcript
That's right, Mitch is back on the market.
The great hunter returns, again.

Didn't he get dumped over organic steak?
If he killed it himself, it's Paleo, right?

Only if he used a hand-thrown spear!

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