We did the math, I thought for sure that the caffeine would kill you before the sugar but I was wrong.

Turns out the amount of sugar IS more dangerous than the caffeine. However, water is even more toxic. It only takes a gallon and a half to kill you. At least the electrolytes in the lattes would prevent this kind of hyponatremia. The most dangerous substance in Food Babe’s PSL turns out to be the water, not the sugar.

If you want to learn more about how the dosage makes the poison, you can watch our SUPER SCIENCE MASHUP demonstrations and interviews with real chemists (not bloggers).

↓ Transcript
Can I have a pumpkin latte?
Fine, but the food bloggess says they have a toxic amount of sugar.

Let's see. What is a toxic amount of sugar. Ah, five pounds. Divide by twenty grams it would take-

Seven gallons.
Mmm, I could do it.

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