A little throwback to a comic published almost a year and a half ago.

This, is a real K-Tape advertising image:


You may have seen them on plenty of athletes during the last summer olympics where they were popular, especially in beach volleyball. Confused about how strips of tape can help? Just like a bird, I presume. There are many brands of this magic cloth tape, you can read about the health claims for yourself from KT Tape.


Note that this is very different from “taping” to stiffen ankles and joints for stability by sports trainers. K-Tape is the superficial application of tape to the skin in fancy patterns.

They provide as much pain relief as a brightly colored bandaid.

↓ Transcript
What is that on your arm?
K-Tape, for athletic pain relief.

Kinesiology tape? How is this any different than normal hockey tape?
-Besides the cost, I mean.

That's right, kids. Look like the Pros with Mitch's discount K-Tape!
I hope it works better than those balance bracelets.

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