The Overconfidence Effect in action.

Speaking of overconfidence, our SUPER SCIENCE MASHUP event tonight was AWESOME. It was called “The Old Timey Medicine Show” and had some excellent programming and guests. Video to come soon!

One of the specials guests was Linda Rosa, who helped me write “What To Expect When You’re Skeptical and Expecting” for Skeptic Magazine, my most successful and viral comic yet.


Even more awesome are some of our new event regulars. Two of whom had been reading my eDodo and Standard Deviation comics since college (the sites have long since gone down but these 2006 archives are still around). They still own print copies of Jovian Luck. And to top it off, had even delivered a college thesis while wearing one of my comic t-shirts. They found out about tonight’s mashup through a Carbon Dating post, and hearing all of this totally blew my mind. I checked my email on my iphone to verify that they are truly my longest running readers, and sure enough I have an email from them dated in 2008. This absolutely made my week, and I hope to play some geeky board games with them very soon.

↓ Transcript
It's going to be a girl.
What makes you say that.

You cary the baby low on your hips. Definitely a boy. I'm 90% sure.
Don't you mean 50% sure?
No, why?

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