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I often mention that pseudoscience deliberately plays off common knowledge, but then makes a logical leap in order to sell you something. In this case; light.

-But wait, there’s more!

Fact, Seasonal Affected Disorder may affect some people. Fact, sunlamps may help alleviate these symptoms. So what’s the inherent lie about these products?

You can look up their patents online and see that many of them use red LED lightbulbs. The infomercials confirm this, and even boasts about “NO harmful UV rays!” They forgot to mention that UVB is the frequency of light that we convert to vitamin D during brief exposures. Oops. for three easy payments you can have a system that slowly drains your batteries!

Unfortunately, a few years ago I had taken my aging dog to the vet for his worsening arthritis. The vet offered “laser light therapy”, the first treatment free. Before I could look it up on my phone to confirm my suspicians, they had lasered my poor old dog. I mentioned to one of the intelligent vet assistants that laser light therapy was a scam, and she replied “I hope not, we spent thousands of dollars on that machine!” And went on to tell me that the Vet had even taken the machine home to use on his uncle’s arthritis.

↓ Transcript
What? I pulled a hammy. It's my laser light therapy.
Those aren't lasers, they're LED's.

But isn't light good for you anyway, like vitamin D?
Only UV light, like from a sunlamp.

Oh this is bullshit. they can't just like like that on television! - I want my money back!

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