And for today’s BIG NEWS!

chameleon_logo Carbon Dating is mobile! We’ve been selected to join the brand new Comic Chameleon webcomic reader app – perfectly formatting our comics for your IOS phones and tablets (Android coming soon!). We join the ranks of 118 incredible webcomics such as my favorites: Dinosaur Comics, XKCD, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and Questionable Content.

“The first question anyone should ask about a mobile comics reader is How nice is it to read comics on it? The answer is: Daaaaaamn. Most other comics apps simply load in an image and make you use the iPhone’s built-in photo viewer to swipe and pinch your way around awkwardly. The Comic Chameleon app features an innovative way for the user to navigate from panel to panel with just a tap of the finger, with each tap gliding to the next panel cleanly cropped and zoomed for maximum readability. There’s more work involved in preparing each image for this navigation style, but the difference in the user experience is incredible.

The webcomics you can read on Comic Chameleon are among the most amazing and beloved comics on the internet, created by the most outrageously talented independent artists around. Our goal is to support every one of these creative individuals in their efforts to keep bringing you their comics for free. That’s why we have a great relationship with each one of our artists, we’re paying them to let us publish their work, and we don’t do anything without their permission.”

↓ Transcript
See here, placebos do work. It's a 'placebo effect'.
Yes, that's why placebos are the baseline. Literally anything can be a placebo. Sugar pills, water, or someone just waving their hands. Medicine has to have a real effect beyond just imaginary.

That's what Western Medicine wants you to think.

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