Well guys, I got so caught up in recoloring old comics I forgot to draw a new one for today. I also completely forgot that we just passed TWO YEARS of Carbon Dating comic strips.

While I officially launched Carbon Dating at The Amaing Meeting, I began posting comics early so new visitors would have enough of an archive to read through – beginning in April 2013.

Thank you all for your support this far. I’m working hard to put together the first hardcover print edition of Carbon Dating. Right now I have all of Chapters 2 & 3 colored, but don’t think I’ll be able to recolor Chapter 1 in time for my print deadline. Should I include the original comics in black and white? Thoughts?

I should mention that a Kickstarter for the books will probably be coming soon, but all my Patreon supporters of $10 or more will already receive a copy!

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