Get knocked up and you’ll receive A LOT of baby gifts, very few of which have any practical application. 50% of it will be clothes that someone thought was funny or cute, the other 50% is baby clothes that their babies grew out of.

Does the concept of cloth diapers gross anyone else out? Friends of ours installed a little hose on their toilet to rinse them out before washing them WITH THEIR OWN LAUNDRY.

Now that our baby is 5 months old, I think my wife and I are both glad they my objections won out. Babies poop ALL THE TIME. To be fair, it’s pretty much their only job.

Speaking of babies: here’s a new interview where Demon Archives creator and I talk about science, parenting, and making comics!

↓ Transcript
Thanks for coming with me!
I'm just sorry I got so worked up before.
That's okay, it was your mommy instincts.

You don't have to get me anything!
I wanted to thank you with these organic cloth diapers for the baby!

So it's like a handkerchief, for poop?

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