The great GMO debate – coming next week!

Also, it’s time to level with you guys. You may have noticed more insistence lately regarding the Patreon, merchandise, and all the ways you can help support Carbon Dating. We also did a big push to get the word out, with interviews on Skepticality,  This Week In Pseudoscience, and with webcomics Demon Archives and The Zarf. But it wasn’t quite enough.

I regret to announce that we’re going to have to throttle back on the comics, back to two per week.

The Kickstarter was seed money for Elisa and I to begin working together on the daily, full color comic strips you’ve come to enjoy. Elisa even quit her second job to focus on Carbon Dating. This was a gamble on both of our parts, hoping that a massive effort could generate enough attention to make Carbon Dating self-sustaining before the seed money ran out – and we almost did it. Right now, the Patreon is 1/8th of our goal, sales contribute a little, and advertising on Project Wonderful makes a $.25 per day (everything helps!).

My plan is to continue drawing and publishing two comic strips per week. All donations and revenue will go directly towards paying Elisa to draw more. If we reach $200 per month, that’s will allow us to release three comic strips each week. $400 gets us to four per week. $600 gets us back to five per week, with $800 being what we need to officially break even. Regardless, our Patrons will be able to see all the additional comics in our secret Patreon feed, and join in on our regular Google Hangouts.

The decision to slow down before we ran out of comics was a tough but necessary one. If Carbon Dating was able to make you laugh, or maybe think a little, I hope you’ll consider supporting us. Be it a blog mention, guest comic, or idea for something you want to see – everything helps, and I really enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you.

↓ Transcript
Geez, the worst commenters of all are the ones against GMO's.
What's so bad about them?

They claim there's no studies about GMO safety, because they haven't bothered to read any.
We can't possibly know the environmental impact after only one decade.

Mitch, get over here now. -bring popcorn.

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