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Did you know that Michael Crichton was anti-science in his personal politics? I didn’t, until recently, then a lot of his books made more sense to me. Jurassic Park wrote the book on genetic engineering fears, Prey was about nanotechnology taking over, and in State Of Fear he compared global warming to eugenics and claimed a worldwide conspiracy to suppress climate data.

Here is the study Rob mentions, an analysis of 1783 safety studies regarding human health and environmental impact. In reality, GMO critics cannot point to a single case of actual harm attributed to genetic technology (save your comments on glyphosate for the next round!).

To plan your ensuing comments accordingly, upcoming comic strip topics are; the use of pesticides, business practices of Big Agro, and environmental impact. Please keep it respectful and cite your sources! Personal attacks, anecdotes, arguments by assertion (without evidence), and being mean in general will get your comment moderated. I do moderate each comment individually, so don’t be surprised if it takes a few hours to appear.

↓ Transcript
What do you mean, are you against genetic engineering?
Why not label them at least until we know they're safe.

1873 studies just in the last ten year aren't enough? I bet you can't name on person harmed by GMO's.

Ray Arnold, Dennis Nedry, and Robert Muldoon.
Real people!

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