Inevitably, once the GMO discussion has moved past the safety of genetic engineering and the rhetoric about environmental concern, “I just don’t like Monsanto or their business practices” is the last stand for anti-GMO attitudes.

I was going to write a post addressing the various rumors about why Monsanto is evil, which amounts to little more than an ad hominem attack against genetic engineering in general. However, I am on a ten hour roadtrip back to Colorado with my understandably fussy infant daughter and I’m having trouble finding good internet sources on a mobile hot-spot with one signal bar on my least-favorite-stretch-of-highway-in-the-world, Kansas.

And anyways, this guy on Quora just did a much better job of replying with his post; “Is Monsanto evil?

Or you can listen to Skeptics Guide To The Universe explore the common anti-Monsanto complaints:

In any case, when the foundation of an argument is that corporations can’t be trusted – the question has to cut both ways. Who stands to gain the most from GMO-labelling laws? Their marketing is doing a good job:

↓ Transcript
I just don't trust giant evil corporations.
Hypothetically, two corporations are the same size. Which is more evil - one reducing crop-losses for farmers, or one that charges three times as much for the same produce?

I like shopping at whole foods.
Who doesn't? The starbucks is so easy to find behind the giant homeopathy aisle!

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