Very cool: a Carbon Dating comic strip was just featured in the Australian Quarterly by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science and they sent me a digital copy.

I also received a print copy of Der Skeptiker in the mail with my big feature in German. I have no idea what I actually said. Attempting to purchase, checkout, and download a digital copy all in German has proved to be – challenging. It keeps timing out, and I keep trying to get the download before it does. Really, it would be easier to plug in my scanner and just scan the print copy – but at this point it’s a battle of wills.


For funsies, here is the Google Translate translation of the article from German:

Starting with this issue of the skeptics a translated sequence of the American Webcomicserie “Carbon prints regularly Dating ” decreases. On this occasion Frauke Pfeiffer spoke with the artist Kyle Sanders, whom she met in 2014 on the skeptics conference “The Amazing Meeting” (TAM ).

Frauke Pfeiffer : Hi Kyle ! Thanks for letting us in skeptics may reprint comic strips from your series. Please change
You down first before our readers.

Kyle Sanders : Hello, I’m Kyle , the inventor of “Carbon Dating” author at Skeptic Magazine and currently the organizer of Pikes Peak in Colorado Skeptics Society. At night texts and draw me and sit down for scientific everything , while I day the profession the instructor ENGAGED.

Frauke: So you can watch your artistic side rather than hobby? Would you like to expand the whole thing, or are you satisfied with the current situation?

Kyle: It can certainly be regarded as a hobby , I have financed my day job – until in July 2014 my crowdfunding kampagne1 very successful in Kickstarter was. With the money I got together there, I can now pay the artist Elisa WIKEY , so I like to focus on the texts of comic strips can. Due to the division of labor , we hope growing attention and working to ensure that we the comics allow an income. But I the message and the scientific background of the strips important – which is why I’ve been pretty happy about ‘m what we have achieved so far .

Frauke: How long have you been working on “carbon dating” ?

Kyle: Mentally, I have thus already started in 2011 , the first strip I drew November 2012 . The Series again went online in July 2013 and found quite a lot of interest. Quickly found “carbon dating” then make their way in the Skeptical Inquirer – as well as my full-page comics for the Skeptic Magazine.

Frauke: Interest has increased over time? Do You Think, that you get with “carbon dating” even people outside the can reach skeptics scene?

Kyle: We currently have about a thousand visitors per day on the website (, which additionally on the social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. But so far, most weighty, that I order a could afford contribution here in Colorado a bill ward, the non-approved natural health practitioners would have allowed to treat children. My goal was and is the new readers is skeptical approaches to convey; So people who do not just yet know that they are interested in this topic. To this end, I mix humor and Science.

Frauke: Congratulations on the success in Colorado! How did it happen that you have been involved?

Kyle: The story is in Skeptic Magazine, but to make it short: On a small defiant meeting in the local state I got to know a regional group. When they saw my comic strip in which Alternative Medicine with the aircraft industry is compared, they wrote me later ter and asked me if she him for her should use action. Almost all of the ways in which I stumble, has its originating in such meetings and conferences. I am therefore convinced that the heart of the pro-science movement are. It is very exciting to see that it more and more of them there.

Frauke: I understand that you have before “Carbon Dating” Comics drawn. Which came first – comics or skepticism?

Kyle: Certainly the comics, though I have always been a strong interest or a love for science have. I started in college, to draw my experiences of student life. An while later, I attended my first conference skeptics and knew that I was about to make a comic must! I’ve always tried my interests to unite and “carbon dating” is the right valve to both my humor and my passion to strengthen the scientific to be educational needs. We see more and more that visual media are used in science to strengthen them in social media. I am certainly not the only artist in this respect, and it is very exciting to see more and more subscribers, the use their talents to spread scientific ideas.

Wow. Google Translate makes me sound like a drunk Yoda. There is another two pages of this, with pictures. Copying and pasting snippets is taking forever – I’ll post more poor translation of my interview next time!

↓ Transcript
Put some essential oils on it!
GUY #1
My bone is sticking out!

Can anyone make a splint?
GUY #2
I can weave one out of hemp!

Someone go find an aloe vera plant!
GUY #2
Hemp! We need Hemp!
GUY #1
This is what the last neanderthal must have felt like

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