GoodDogHomeopathic medicine for dogs? Acupuncture for cats? Yep. I should warn you, that second link is of a lady sticking needles into cats. If she tried that on ‘Hawkmeat’ she’d pull back a bloody stump.

But on closer investigation (reading the label for inactive ingrediants) some science activists discovered that a particular brand of homeopathic pet calming remedy actually works. As it turns out, if you were to purchase Pet Organic’s “Good Dog” homeopathic solution for hyperactivity – it’s not homeopathic at all. Meaning, unlike homeopathic remedies this particular tincture actually contains an active ingredient: 13% alcohol.

Want to calm your pet down? Why not pour it a bowl of strong mead or wine?

As a demonstration of ridiculous medicine for pets, Science Babe gives some fantastic demonstrations to include getting drunk on Good-Dog by mixing it with Red Bull. She calls it a ‘Bull-Dog’, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this legal over-the-counter intoxicant was flying off the shelves during as we approach high school prom season.

↓ Transcript
I love this little guy. You should take him to my vet!
That would be great!

Yeah, she's a holistic vet. When my cat was stressed

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