Lots of great press lately!

There is a long Q/A with Independent Ink where we talk about Carbon Dating, making comics, and finding your creative niche, and marketing basics for webcomikers!

Also, Comic Spectrum gave us a 4/5 rating in a very friendly review! Go check it out if you haven’t already formed an opinion.

And lastly but not least, check out my recent interview with the guys at Prism Podcast! We have a caption contest: what is something (pseudoscience related) you would NOT want to hear at the dentist? Leave a comment, email, or tweet us with #PrismCaption! The winner gets drawn into a Carbon Dating comic strip.

This comic was drawn in front of a live studio audience. If you’re interested in being on the Hangouts, support us on Patreon! I will be broadcasting half a geek week (Wed-Fri) while I recolor comics from the archive. Supporters can pop in anytime during business hours to chat about science and watch me art. I hope to see you there!

↓ Transcript
Welcome to our first birthing class. Did everyone bring a pillow? Good. Today we're going to talk about common concerns. Who can tell me the number one fear mothers have about delivery?

Is it pooping during labor?

Correct! You get the candy.

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