Dun Dun DUUUUNNN. Sorry for the lack of a punchline, but I think you’ll like the big news for today:

The first full-color Carbon Dating collection is COMPLETED! And you can be the first to preorder “Sounds Sciencey” today! Of course, if you want to make your money go further you can support us on Patreon instead and try to push us above the 3 comics per week reward threshhold. All Patreon backers above the $10 per month level will be receiving a book too!


That’s why the updates and social media were low the last few weeks, recoloring around 45 comics, organizing a layout, writing text, a glossary, citing my sources, and drawing a cover took a lot of effort. But I got it just in time for a small run of paperbacks to be ready for Denver Comic Con. I will be hosting two science panels there as well!

I’m really excited about this one guys, it really looks awesome.

↓ Transcript
What are you dressed all nice for?
I, uh, well. Kate's been my best friend for so long- it's hard to tell if I mean more to her than that. I want to take her on one real, adult date before the baby. To tell her that-

The hospital just called, Kate's in an ambulance!

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