The Patreon campaign just reached the first goal, $200 per month which allows us to publish THREE COMICS PER WEEK! To celebrate, here is your Wednesday comic! We will be posting every Mon, Wed, and Fri until we reach our next goal.

It’s weird running two campaigns at once. The Kickstarter is a one-time pre-sale for the book, “Sounds Sciencey” which will be out just in time for The Amazing Meeting 13. The Patreon is more of a long-term subscription with smaller monthly donations that also earns behinds-the-scenes access, and anyone donating at least $10 per month will also receive a book.

Please, help get the word out about either! Printing costs along are going to be $4515.37 for the book – dangerously close to my credit card limit.

Good thing I like to live dangerously.

↓ Transcript
I'm sorry folks, this baby is happening now. Everyone out.
Kate, I should have said this way before-
I know.
Okay, this one can stay. The rest of you - out of the splash zone!

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