For the record, I do not condone Mitch’s thickheadedness. Perhaps it’s just my career field – but I do know a LOT of real life Mitches.

In any case, I’m headed home from a long work trip, but thanks to this nifty Cintiq I’m still able to draw from the road!

The Kickstarter is still going strong, order your limited edition hardcover now or miss out forever! Unless you come to find me at Denver Comic Con where I will be selling all kinds of awesomely geeky wares.

↓ Transcript
Welcome to the Baby Olympics! Complete this obstacle course with your watermelon - the first to chug their sippy cup at the end wins!
The dad look suits you, Mitch.
I'm 99% sure that I don't have any yet.
May the odds be ever in your favor.


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