Thanks again to everyone who ordered their copy of Sounds Sciencey! Your support is keeping us going – and you can expect three comics per week now that the Denver & Phoenix comic cons are over.

I’ll be bringing an advanced shipment of the hardcovers to The Amazing Meeting 13 next month and hopefully the rest of the shipment will have arrived by the time I get back. If you missed the Kickstarter or Patreon campaigns, you should only feel a little bit bad about it. You’ll be able to buy them after all my awesome supporter receive theirs!

Also, I’d like to announce additional convention dates where you can get one signed in person:

TAM 13 – Las Vegas, NV, July 16-19th
DragonCon – Atlanta, GA, Sept 4-7th
FoCo Comic Con – Fort Collins, CO, Sept 12th
Mile High Con – Denver, CO, Oct 23-25th
Rocky Mountain Con – Denver, CO, Nov 7-8th

Sorry guys, I gotta get to bed – lots of chemtrail sprayin’ to do tomorrow!

↓ Transcript
Sorry, I'm not that familiar with chemtrails.
I am. we've had protesters at work before.

They claim chemtrails can't persist in the air, therefore airplanes must be dumping some kind of chemical.

Do they have any evidence?

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