The balanced equation for the burning of kerosene: 2C12H26(l) + 37O2(g) —> 24CO2(g) + 26H2O(g)

Of course no chemical reaction is perfect, yes there are many other byproducts. Mind control agents are not among them. That much hot vapor hitting the freezing upper atmosphere (which gets colder roughly 1-2 degrees per thousand feet in altitude) is much like throwing boiling water outside during winter. It precipitates ice crystals, which can seed clouds if conditions (humidity, pressure, temperature) are just right.

What most solidly debunks ‘chemtrials’ is that any half-decent aviation weatherman can tell you what altitudes on any given day has the right condition for contrails. Either it’s basic physics, or the all of the evil chemtrail pilots broadcast their nefarious flightplans ahead of time.

My friend Mick West gets into it all the time with conspiracy theorists on his websites Contrail Science and

Unfortunately for Craig, I have no idea how to educate people about how harmless clouds work without being called a shill. If only I had a dollar for every time… perhaps from a shadow corporation engaged in worldwide geoengineering?

↓ Transcript
All jets can make contrails when hot exhaust hits the freezing cold air.
They think it's a global conspiracy for weather control.
So every company, mechanic, and pilot is secretly loading and dumping chemicals. In front of millions of passengers every day. - or just maybe steam... can make clouds?
Exactly what a paid shill would say.

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