This comic is dedicated to Grant Ritchey, host of Prism Podcast and Kickstarter backer. He wants everyone to know that there are many questionable treatments for apnea to include:

  • Chinstraps – Dumb because they pull you lower jaw back, which closes the airway even more.
  • Playing a Digeridoo –  Might strengthen muscles, but apnea occurs when you’re asleep and muscles are relaxed when not playing the didgeridoo.
  • Herbals – Dumb because herbs.
  • Sinus Cones – Dumb because apnea doesn’t occur at the level of the nostril. It is a blockage usually at the level of the soft palate and/or tongue.
  • Craniofacial Epigenetics – “Craniofacial Epigenetics® uses a person’s natural genes to painlessly correct and straighten the jaws, teeth, soft tissue and functional space using biomimetic appliances.” Which is essentially a children’s retainer, and classic example of misleading technobabble.

RisingStarGrant13By the way, You can meet both Grant and I at The Amazing Meeting, the conference about scientific skepticism in Las Vegas July 16-19th. We will both be at the afterparty I’m hosting Friday night at INSERT COIN(S) for anyone who donates to the Rising Star Grant. Conference keynote speaker and creator of SMBC Zach Weinersmith will also be there!

The goal of the Rising Star Grant is to pay registration for motivated young science communicators, a grant that I won in 2013 which allowed me to launch this comic. PLEASE consider giving, recieving some Carbon Dating rewards, and hanging out with some very cool people at a video game bar.

↓ Transcript
What can I help you with?
Are there any dental alternatives to apnea treatment besides a CPAP machine?
Have you tried wearing a chinstrap?
Uh, maybe something a little more subtle.
How about these nasal cones to open your airways?
I might eventually want to have sex one day.

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