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Perhaps you’ve heard about a little movie called An Honest Liar. It’s out now and you can ask for it at your local theater with! Here is a clip:

Well next month, July 16-19th in Las Vegas, The James Randi Educational Foundation is hosting the thirteenth The Amazing Meeting at the Tropicana.

If you are a science and critical thinking advocate, aged 18-30, you might qualify for the Rising Star Grant! We have raised enough donations (and donors can still support us here) to send a few motivated young people to attend this life-changing conference!

You have ONE WEEK LEFT to apply, and hang out with me and Zach Weinersmith (of SMBC) at an Insert Coin(s) afterparty!

↓ Transcript
I've fed her, burped her, changed her, and rocked her. I don't can't get her to stop crying and I'm going to lose my mind.
There we go, that's not so bad.
Don't talk to me for the rest of the week.
What did I say?

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