It just so happens the water helps with hangovers, because the main culprit is dehydration after an evening throwing back diuretics.

Still don’t get it? Allow me to elaborate. According to the my google search result for ‘homeopathy principles’:

  1. The fundamental idea of homeopathy is the Similarity Principle: ‘Let like be cured by like’, as established by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. This implies that substances which cause a disorder in healthy subjects are used as medicines to treat similar disorders experienced by ill people.
  2. The second is Individualization:Treat the patient, not the disease’. This is the most important doctrine of homeopathy, mostly because it maximizes any placebo effect and generally puts people in a better mood.
  3. The last is the ‘use of the minimum dose’. “It has been found” that the more the medicine is diluted, the more effective and powerful it becomes. So, the process of the dilution is called ‘potentisation’, taken to the extreme. They will sometimes claim that ‘water has memory’ or vibrations or something else ridiculous to explain this.
↓ Transcript
I've been researching homeopathic dilutions.
Is this a kid's chemistry set?
Yep, and I invented a new hangover cure!
You know homeopathy is just sugar pills?
Right, so I dissolved them in water to make them more powerful and they really work now!

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