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Sorry everyone for the day off on Monday, I needed a few days of homeopathic beer and naps to recover from Las Vegas.

Actually, what I needed was an IV.

I should mention that the casino only had Voss water – chiseled from an iceberg in Norway. Or something. Actually it said artesian, and having no idea what it meant I looked it up. I presumed this was something fancy.

Nope, just a well that flows upwards because of underground pressure. That’s it. Should we talk about how ridiculous bottled water prices are? Tap water for me.

↓ Transcript
Hey is that Placebrew? I've been looking for it everywhere.
What? Really? Why?
Because it's natural, artisan made, and hand-bottled? Plus, it still costs way less than smart water.
I feel much better about selling it now.

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