EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that my comic is the exact same joke as this one by XKCD. Maybe we hit on the same idea, or maybe I read his years ago and it bubbled up through my subconscious. It wasn’t intentional, and I wanted to be clear about it.

I haven’t actually tried this strategy, but why not fight fire with fire?

Homeopathy is a sugar-pill conspiracy by Big Pharma.
Climate Denial is a plot by Lizard People.

Actually, that last one was made into a movie starring Charlie Sheen:

↓ Transcript
That's how I know it was an inside job. Jet fuel can't get hot enough to burn through metal beams, it had to be a planned explosion!
What about the chemtrail juice they must have been carrying?
Oh my, I need to get back on the google!

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