Once again, this is a true account from a former relationship. This is also Abbey’s favorite comic, we were platonic friends for years and she met every one of my exes along the way.

This logical fallacy, often referred to as the ‘Appeal to Nature‘ is rooted in a lack of science education about what products are really made out of. Homeopathic consumers refuse to take pills made of ‘chemicals’ in a factory, and instead take ‘natural’ pills made with the exact same processes in the same kind of factory. They also forget about delicious, natural ingredients like arsenic, cyanide, and salmonella! By all accounts it doesn’t make sense. More to come on this point after a more pertinent comic next week.

This particular fear (mitigated by simply adding red food coloring to make purple, which was somehow acceptable) reminds me of my favorite icebreaker game from our Skeptics In The Pub events: “What is your irrational phobia?” There were a surprising number of entries, many of which found their way into a comic script. Abbey’s is spiders. If my nightmare last night is any indication, my phobia is forgetting to bring my merch to DragonCon. Especially if there were bears at DragonCon who were very disappointed at not getting buttons.

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