Breakups are never fun, but man can they be hilarious. I found inspiration for this comic in a number of relationships that didn’t go so well. I found further inspiration by asking my friends for stories of their crazy exes and came away with tales of being “crystal cleansed” during a nap, breaking up over “chem-trails”, and being punched in the nose while they slept. My friends sure know how to pick ’em.

But the point of the comic is that we all have our irrationalities, we all have our pet-placebos that we cling to. The goal is to find someone who finds your crazy more endearing than obnoxious.

↓ Transcript
Craig might have the right idea with that dating website. I give up.

You haven't even been single that long.
But finding another single geek is exhausting.

It can't be as exhausting as three years living with-
Don't say her name!

If you say her name, she appears. Like beetlejuice.
I was thinking Voldemort.

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