We all have irrational beliefs about food, and I’m sure the comic will explore these more in depth later, but I have a female protagonist to introduce first! Check back on Friday for some awkward sexual tension, and shirtless skiing.

Don’t think you do? Neither did the audience at Skeptics In The Pub, until we mentioned some science regarding organic farming and the room was divided 50/50 and soon glaring at each other. Food and diets are a touchy subject, because the discussion is often directly tied to our self image and I DON’T CARE IF ORGANIC APPLES HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF PESTICIDES ON THEM BECAUSE THEY TASTE DELICIOUS AND I SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS!

Even in a room of skeptics, the effect is a direct equivalent of walking into Whole Foods and informing them that, technically, ALL the fruit and vegetables in the store are GMOs.

We don’t have enough time in the day to research every food purchase, or even to bother reading the labels, that our opinions on food are often based on a whim. I’ll throw out an example for my new Australian readers from the Skeptic Zone interview; vegemite is disgusting. I don’t care what you say.


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