Just made it back from a two-week trip taking a plane halfway around the world, and I’m happy to be home for a well-deserved long weekend of Abbey-time. The trip took me through Europe to Afghanistan and back and was my first trip leading a crew only a few days after being certified as an Aircraft Commander. Unfortunately, the trip was marred by disappointment when Skepticon 6 cancelled my workshop on skepticism in aviation due to the ‘sexist tones’ in my comic as perceived by an administrator. I was surprised at the unfair judgement of my own character based on the comments of my blockhead cartoon character, Mitch.


I agree with this video absolutely, it is a great primer for the Skeptic movement. I am a Skeptical activist (which I would argue is synonymous with science activist). We do not need to subject each other to litmus tests regarding other overlapping magisteria such as religious disbelief, or in the case of Skepticon, feminist ideals. My wife and I have campaigned fiercely for women’s rights in Arkansas and elsewhere, working directly with regional and national offices of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. I have stood against bigotry throughout my professional career, and am proud to have flown in combat with fantastic pilots and crewmembers that are male, female, gay, and lesbian.

While I stand up on a nearly daily basis for the rights of atheists, women, and the LGBT community, I am a Skeptical activist. I hate to see Skepticon lose it’s relevance to the Skeptic movement in favor of atheism an other causes. Skepticon 3 in 2010 was my first exposure to the Skeptics community, and where I drew the first character sketches that would eventually become Carbon Dating.


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