I’ve been interviewing a lot of science journalists to help me inform Rob’s career details, and these comics are direct from my notes.

I’m not a professional cartoonist, but I’m trying to treat my hobby and passion as if I were. The amount of additional blogging, tweeting, and messaging required can be staggering. More and more I am impressed by writers who churn out content like it’s nobody’s business.

Rob’s career was actually inspired by some humorous posts a while back from Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science. I needed a career that would force Rob to grapple with anti-science every week, and those damn articles about duck penises finally convinced me it could be an offbeat and hilarious profession.

↓ Transcript
This is it. The best research article I've ever written.

Just read.
You did this? It's brilliant. Go sell it!

I only have one pitch, but the research was-
Can you cut it down to 140 characters?

(Rob has a super sad face, finger wavering over the delete key.)

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